Welcome to The Rodgers Group, LLC

Our motto of "One Team' One Mission: Committed to Public Safety Professionalism" says it all. Risk managers and legal experts agree that a well trained agency acting properly and in accordance with written policies that meet the highest standards is the best defense against lawsuits. That's what we do best.

Leveraging our experience and business model will substantially reduce your agency’s exposure to liability while cutting operating costs and inculcating a culture of professionalism. Our on-line training modules, accreditation expertise, and web-based policy management experience are second to none. Our record of success is well established and growing rapidly because we customize every policy and training module for our client agencies while doing it much faster and significantly cheaper than they can do it themselves. Our value to your agency is further enhanced by virtue of the fact that staff needed to develop policy, prepare training curriculums, and manage your accreditation efforts can remain doing operations, saving your agency additional expenses.