Management Studies

Government officials often ask: what should the police be doing? How well are they performing? Where can they improve services? Should they continue doing things the way they have been?

Rodgers Group personnel are recognized leaders in Public Safety consulting and are Court certified experts on law enforcement operations, policies and procedures. Our experience in conducting comprehensive reviews of law enforcement operations and executing strategic interventions designed to improve those operations is well established.

Today, unlike any other time, the return on the taxpayer’s investment in its law enforcement agency is under constant review. Rightly so, it is the reasonable expectation of the community that its police department is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible. As experienced objective third party experts, we conduct a detailed analysis of your agency’s architecture, business practices and policies in the context of contemporary best practices. We make detailed recommendations for improvement and stand behind our work product!

    Our work product includes but is not limited to:
  • A workload analysis.
  • A resource deployment analysis.
  • A review of all agency policies and business practices.
  • A review of agency liability factors.
  • A review of the agency’s human resource architecture.
  • A review of agency accountability, evaluation and disciplinary systems.
  • Specific recommendations for improvement and cost saving efficiencies.
  • Interviews of key stakeholders.