Services We Provide

The Rodgers Group's consultants are recognized experts in law enforcement, communications center, and training academy operations. We have an established and verifiable record of success in all three CALEA Accreditation Programs as well as the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police Accreditation program. Cumulatively, our record of success and experience with public safety accreditation is unsurpassed.

Not in the New Jersey or New York area? No need to worry. We have developed an innovative web-based interactive system to bring you our accreditation services no matter where you are: East Coast, West Coast, or Western Europe. No agency is too far, too small, too large, or too complex for our services. By choosing the Rodgers Group you will be hiring a highly experienced team that will guide your agency through the accreditation process.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • We will assess your agency’s current level of compliance and develop a plan of action to achieve full compliance with each accreditation standard.

  • We will review your current written directives to determine if they meet compliance requirements. Where they do not, we will custom write policy for your agency that complies.

  • We will guide your accreditation manager through the entire process from signing the contract with the accrediting body, to building the accreditation files, and all the way to re-accreditation.

  • We will assist in the identification and recommendation of new programs and equipment and the development of systems or procedures required to meet applicable standards.

  • We will review your accreditation files for proper construction, proofs of compliance, and a properly completed Individual Standard Status Report (ISSR). All the proofs of compliance will be reviewed to verify they are compliant and that they represent the agency’s best compliance efforts.

  • We will prepare your agency for your on-site assessment and have a project manager on-site at your agency during the official on-site assessment.

  • We will continually keep your accreditation manager and their team informed regarding all aspects of the accreditation process, including proposed changes or amendments to standards, and assessing the impact of changes on your current policies and procedures.

  • During the beginning of the re-accreditation process we will provide your agency with systems to collect time sensitive proofs of compliance, proof filing, file construction, and other important mission critical objectives so that you are ready for your re-accreditation.

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